#98 09.21.14 Guest: Altstadt Echo


Info & Tracklist 

Altstadt Echo [Dub Monitor – DET, US]

Altstadt Echo is a writer, producer, and DJ currently based out of Detroit. He works with abstract, minimalist techno of the deep, ambient, and droning varieties. He released his “Rail Yard” EP on Blank Code in December 2013 and will be releasing two more EPs in 2014. Altstadt is a founder and editor at DubMonitor.com and is a Resident Advisor contributing writer. He also puts on the “I AM NOT TO BE TRUSTED” series of events at the historic Necto Nightclub.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Akasha FX – Starred Up [Skeleton]
02. Maan – Jackin Pt 2 [Non Series]
03. Stephen Lopkin – Let’s All Talk About Me [MOS Deep]
04. Gary Beck – Paid Out (Mike Dehnert Remix) [BEK]
05. Moteka – Metric [Flash]
06. I.vy – Straw Sandals [Chinese Laundry]
07. Truncate – Workout [Cocoon]
08. Jeroen Search – Interference Pattern [Affin]
09. Tallmen785 – What You Need (Disco Mix) [Tanstaafl]
10. Par Grindvik – Culture Road [Stockholm LTD]
11. Roel Salemink – Silenth Noises (Robert Hood Remix)[Bulletdodge]
12. Alex Falk – Gazira [unreleased]
13. Andrei Morant – Mesa 3 [Torque]
14. Pascal Roeder – Kepler 186F [Amazone]
15. Skew & Satirist – Morphogenesis [Killekill]

Second Hour: Altstadt Echo