#99 09.28.14 Guest: Submerge


Tracklist & Info 

Submerge [Impact Mechanics – CHI, US]

Orlando Solis also known as Submerge is an American electronic music producer and DJ from Chicago, and son of successful musician Jose Luis Napoleon Solis. The techno aficionado can now be found playing some of the world’s most renowned places such as Berlin’s Berghain, Spain’s Fabrik, Vienna’s Camera Club, Nature One, and Def-Con 1 festival.

Known for running the label Impact Mechanics, Orlando Solis own productions can also be found on the pristine label Mote Evolver, After successfully touring Europe several times in 2010, his appearance has been in demand each and every year.

Submerge’s technical knowledge has landed him an endorsement by the respectable company Allen and Heath and his knowledge of IT has also landed him work at the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Orlando also performs live under the alias Impact Mechanics and his music is being played by some of the biggest acts.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Abstract Matters – Interplanetary Connection [Cynosure]
02. Seph – 3D Radio [Aula Magna]
03. Kid Mistik – Obrigado [Different Is Different]
04. Nikola Gala – Cadence (Marcos In Dub Remix) [Vibe Me]
05. Slam – Pattern A3 (Charles Fenckler Remix) [Soma]
06. Lewis Fautzi – Spectral Lines [Figure]
07. C-System – Eternal Pain [Mastertraxx]
08. d_func (aka Alexander Kowalski) vs DJ T-1000 – Terminator [Nachtstrom]
09. L.A.W. – Blackout [Nonlinear Systems]
10. Paula Temple – Deathvox [R&S]
11. Kalden Bess – RAW (Petter B Tool Mix) [Ground Factory]
12. Nikola Gala – Rattle (The Plant Worker Remix) [Quant]
13. Bobby Champs – Krenshaw (J. Tijn’s Drum Tool) [WNCL]
14. Umba – Post Mortem [Floor Ready]
15. Slam – Rekal [BEK]
16. Neil Landstrumm – I Can’t Keep Up With The Ghost Plumber [Kick+Clap]

Second Hour: Submerge

1. Makaton, Paradisde Lost
2. The Advent and Industrialyzer, Voodoo
3. Impact unit, The Dread, Dj Hyperactive remix
4. Robert Armani, Fuse Box
5. Rodhad, Rising
6. Flug, Consequences
7. Ansome, Halyard Hitch
8. The Black Dog, Black Chambler Order, Blawan Remix
9. Tunnel, The Ocean Of Our Truth, Angel Alanis Remix
10. Perc and Truss, Two Hundred
11. Spiros Kaloumenos, Circular Motion
12. Cardao, Unidentified New Jersey Resident
13. Kostas Maskalides,Borders Of Insanity
14. Ansome, Clodgy
15. Arnaud Le Texier, Stomp
16. Spherical Coordinates, Scfgm 16
17. The Black Dig, Bass Mantra
18. Clouds, GenistaCave
19. Perc and Truss, Forever Your Girl
20. Shifted, Chapter 69
21. Hans Bouffmyer and Lex Gorrie, Floatinf, The Advents/ Industrialyzer Remix
22. Submerge and Ricardo Garduno Drah
23. Petter B, Global Writes
24. Paul Nazca, Under The Map, Truncate Remix
25. SooLee Vector DImension
26. The Welderz, Metalik
27. Luke Slater, Forklift
28. Dj Hell, Hot On The Wheels Of Love, Dave Clarke Remix
29. Clouds Teenage Boy
30. Inigo Kennedy, Lullaby