#102 10.19.14 Guest: Ron S.


Info & Tracklist 

Ron S. [Anode Records – STL, US]

Beginning as a DJ in the early 90’s, he explored the sounds of house and acid house in the warehouse rave scene of the Midwestern US. Ron began producing original dance music in 1995, and started the first electronic music label from his hometown of St. Louis shortly thereafter in 1996. He produced a series of 10 vinyl releases on his own Anode Records imprint, with a style closer to the harder edges of Detroit Techno. Ron’s latest production and performances feature a more mature and nuanced sound focusing on his earliest influences in the sounds of house music. Ron’s public performances encompass his old school mentality through the live use of hardware synthesizers, sequencers, samplers and drum machines to create a truly customized blend of productions and remixes for each event. He continues to release house and techno music for Anode Records, Three Dot House, Deep Taste, and Sweep the Floor records.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. F.E.X. – Luvlove [Robotronic]
02. Jamaica Suk – Spektrum [Face To Face]
03. Jak – Brazen [Trapez]
04. Computer Controlled – Let’s Jack [Urban Kickz]
05. Slam – Factory Music (Slam 101 Interpretation) [Soma]
06. Stanislav Tolkachev – Right Angle [Semantica]
07. Peter Van Hoesen – Outlands [Curle]
08. Marcel Dettmann – Push [Ostgut Ton]
09. F.E.X. – Akawa [Robotronic]
10. Kamikaze Space Programme – Network Rail [Mote Evolver]
11. UVB – Five O [Mord]
12. Dualit – Berkel [CLR]
13. 138 – Deconstruct (JoeFarr Remix) [TXTRL]
14. Servent – Multypli [Downstream]

Second Hour: Ron S Live PA