#104 11.02.14 Guest: Lari Unit


Info & tracklist 

Lari Unit [St. Petersburg, RU]

Lari Unit is mostly a dj, accidentally a promoter and intrinsically a producer currently based in St. Petersburg Russia and sonically located somewhere between Detroit and Bristol, who’s never been interested in anything not related to music listening, music playing and music making, only feeling happy while spinning vinyl or tweaking knobs and can be doing it 24/7.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Dense & Pika – Wandering Hands [Hotflush]
02. Arnaud Le Texier – Throby [Retrometro]
03. itsnotover – Collective Consciousness [Itsnotover]
04. Maison Sky – 69 [Materials.]
05. Redshape – Itz [Running Back]
06. HD Substance – Allergy Atorm [Circular]
07. Myk Derill – Span [Retrometro]
08. Peder Mannerfelt – White Noise/Pink Ladies [Stockholm LTD]
09. Markus Suckut – Mirage [Figure]
10. Flex – Black Terra (Truncate Remix) [Hidden]
11. Red Square – Steam (Owen Sands Remix) [Shifted Soul]
12. Alex Schultz – Error 1 [We Are Music]
13. Rommek – Spice Melange [Sonntag Morgen]
14. Reeko & Exium – Part III [Mental Disorder]
15. Devianza – La Torre Del Greco [BlackWater]

Second Hour: Lari Unit