#106 11.16.14 Guest: Jason Kendig


Info & tracklist 

Jason Kendig [Honey Soundsystem – SF, US]

Inspired by the electronic music emanating from Detroit’s airwaves while growing up in Michigan, Jason Kendig has been pursuing the dance music pulse for over two decades. For the past eight years he has been an integral member of the esteemed Honey Soundsystem. A queer collective of like minded musicians, artists and discaires based in San Francisco focused on elevating nightlife in the Bay Area and beyond. Not one to be limited by genres he is just as comfortable deftly mixing between the dark realms of techno and deeper slices of house music as well as the underground sounds of disco & italo which is reflected in his extensive vinyl collection. (A testament to many years digging through dusty crates in an endless hunt for the perfect groove.)

Whether he is warming up the dance floor or steering it through its peek hours he never fails to make others move through his ability to reference dance music’s past yet keeping an ear to the future.

“Kendig’s own mixes have a deep, wintry atmosphere, sparkling with subtle details, ambient risks, and the refinement that comes from years of just listening to techno. He also has the ability to reinvest campy disco or house classics with the fervent emotions that informed them in the first place, bringing on the shivers with, say, a familiar
acid-derived cymbal hit.”
Marke Bieschke / XLR8R

“Kendig is the kind of DJ who makes the technicalities of mixing vinyl seem effortless. He picks his tracks quickly, he holds his blends for a long time, and he has this ability to ratchet up the intensity of his playing in a way that’s very different from other local DJs…”
Derek Oppermen / SF WeeklyChris.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Alexi Delano – Shades of Grey [Kolon:Trax]
02. James Ruskin – No Trace [Token]
03. Blue Hour – Front [Blue Hour]
04. Meija – Steady Mobbin’ [Mister Saturday Night]
05. Justin Schumacher – Theorem [Assassin Soldier]
06. Henneke – Chilopoda [Webuildmachines]
07. Rebekah – Lim [Cult Figures]
08. Milkplant – Dimension 4 (Andrei Morant Remix) [From 0-1]
09. Alex Dolby – Escape from the Tower [Micro.Fon]
10. Sore Icon – Spectral Epidemic [Floor Ready]
11. Reeko – Momentum [Mental Disorder]
12. Peverelist – Vapours (Pangaea Remix) [Livity Sound]
13. Thomas Hessler – Consequence [Index Marcel Fengler]
14. Donnell Knox – Timeless [Urban Kickz]

Second Hour: Jason Kendig
Music For Machines 2014

01. Chris E Pants – Hello (Alex Burkat’s Recipe)
02. Ottodox – Silverwings
03. David Vunk & Taras Van De Voorde – Need You Tonight (Rod Remix)
04. Beesmunt Soundsystem – Amsterdam 808
05. Möd3rn – Mö 7
06. Rødhåd – Haumea
07. Trevino -Tactical Manoeuvers
08. Kevin McPhee – DD-YYY-ZZ-OOOOO
09. MUUI – Trace
10. Spencer Parker – Spacial (Answer Code Request Remix)
11. Gesloten Cirkel – Vader
12. Blue Hour – Meridian
13. Patricia – Drip Dawn (JTC I-94 Lick)
14. Rivet – Bear Bile Pt. 3