#110 01.04.15 Guest: Tim Xavier [Face II Face – Berlin, DE]


Info & tracklist 

Tim Xavier [Face To Face – Berlin, DE]

Tim Xavier’s passion for music has kept him on the forefront of techno since his innovative releases on Blueline in Chicago a decade ago. His career began in Houston in the 90s, and then on to Chicago, Brooklyn and now Berlin, where he has resided since 2007. He is a veteran to the industry; and his dark, edgy production style has remained uncompromised through the ever changing genres of techno and house. He is also the owner and chief engineer at Manmade Mastering in Berlin; and this sleepy-eyed coffee addict defines cool as he cuts master plates for many respected record labels. His newest label is Face To Face.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Distale – Vuolva [Wall]
02. Andrew Davis – Beta [Capital Techno]
03. Owen Sands – Mercury Fold [Ill Bomb]
04. Alexander Weinstein – Stone [Micro.fon]
05. Tensal – B-B2 [Tensal]
06. Leiras – Penitent [Ownlife]
07. Session Restore – CH02 [Ressort Imprint]
08. Truncate – Bipolar [50 Weapons]
09. D-Leria – Stereokiller [Abnormal Limited]
10. Mutate – Circle 3 (Luis Flores Remix) [Black Code]
11. Jay Clarke – The Chase (JoeFarr Remix) [BLACKAXON]
12. The Exaltics – Coroded [Shipwrec]
13. Rebekah – Liebcraft [Cult Figures]
14. Twelve Junkeez- Cold Rooms [Kunztwerk]
15. Rumah & Progression – SC2 [Blueprint]
16. Leiras – These Bones (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) [Ownlife]

Second Hour: Tim Xavier