#113 02.15.15 Guest: The Lady Machine


Info & tracklist 

The Lady Machine [Brazil/UK]

Kammy is a major reference among Brazilian techno DJs and remains one of the few DJs that has gained a reputation solely due to skills and music selection on the decks without achieving a career as a producer. She has been at the forefront of the underground electronic scene in Brazil for many years, and her skills have taken her around the globe over the past decade, including tours of Asia, Latin America, and numerous tours of Europe with club and festival performances across the continent.

Kammy stands by deep musical research and precise technique, her remarkably versatile sets, blend genres from techno in its many forms and variations to electro, acid and full industrial EBM, and when combined with her fast, furious, but tight mixing create a perfect atmosphere with the dancefloor. “I never limit myself to one style. A quality sound, with attitude, and always dance floor orientated are what I try to convey in my sets”, explains

Kammy relocated to Europe in 2010, where she has been focusing more time in learning the skills to make the tracks she has spent so long playing. Now in the UK, Kammy continues to hone her production skills, working with hardware, and concentrating on the quality, not quantity of output.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Mike Gervais – Assailant (Doubt Remix) [System]
02. Alex Bau – Bassmati [Credo]
03. Planetary Assault Systems – GT (James Ruskin VW Remix) [Mote Evolver]
04. Deepchild – Golden Moments in American Manufacturing
05. Thomas Hessler – The Escaper [Index Marcel Fengler]
06. Mark Broom – Three Forms [Non Series]
07. Robert Armani – Ambulance (Ortin Cam Remix) [Elektrax]
08. Sosak – Buy This Wreck [Overlee Assembly]
09. Mike Gervais – Assailant (Luis Flores Remix) [System]
10. Clemens Neufeld – Afterburner [NeufeldRecords]
11. Virulent – The Endless Doubt [Rheostatus]
12. Submerge & Richard Garduno – Modules (Justin Schumacher Remix) [unreleased]
13. Plural – Shifting Forward (Aubrey Remix) [Metroplex]
14. Tom Dicicco – So Called Vision [The Corner]

Second Hour: The Lady Machine