#114 03.01.15 Guest: DJ Hi-Shock [Elektrax – AU]


Info & tracklist 

DJ Hi-Shock [Gynoid – AU]

Inspired by the early electronic sounds of Detroit and Chicago, along with nascent German techno and the underground sounds of Belgian New Beat, Advanced Human struck out on his own versatile music career in 1988 as DJ Hi-Shock.

In recent years he has developed and helms the wildly successful Elektrax Music label group (which includes Elektrax Recordings, Gynoid Audio, Android Muziq, Darknet, Translucent, Achromatiq & Hypnotic Room).

As DJ Hi-Shock, and also under his recent Advanced Human alias, he has released his own sounds through labels like Gynoid Audio, Synewave, Chroma, Slap Jaxx, Impact Mechanics, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Naked Lunch and Translucent.

Currently his trademark sound is based on exploring the uncharted terrains of Deep/Gritty Techno, that is rich with dub chords and crunchy atmospheres surrounded by intricate percussion and a drive aimed at the dance floor.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Water Walk – Silence [Construct LTD]
02. Ed Davenport – Head Channel [Counterchange]
03. Patrik Carrera – Tres (Patrik Carrerra re-edit) [Paranoid Dancer]
04. Coffee Pot – Tronic [Coffee Pot]
05. Reeko – Capitulo 1 [Mental Disorder]
06. Justin Schumacher – Hit That Again [Rawthentic]
07. Cleric – Morose (Dario Zenker Remix) [Coincidence]
08. Developer – Signal 1 [Weekend Circuit]
09. Valmay – Created Force [ARTS]
10. Complicit – Hott [Eternal Drive]
11. Ron S. – Dysfunctional Ruin [Anode]
12. Thomas Hessler – The Escaper [Index Marcel Fengler]
13. Virulent – The Broken Trust [Rheostatus]
14. Peru, Like The Country – Pretty Far Gone (Marcus Suckut Remix) [Micro.Fon]
15. Deepchild – Vulcanised [Harmonious Discord]
16. Differ-Ent – Differ-Ent(Hrall) [Don’t Be Afraid]

Second Hour: DJ Hi-Shock