#115 03.15.15 Guest: Mad Alba [Detroit Techno Militia – Berlin, DE]


Info & tracklist 

Mad Alba [Detroit Techno Militia – Berlin, DE]

Madalba was born in July 1985 in Bari, Italy. From a very young age, her interest in different musical cultures such as house and dance music and also spread through rock and punk which eventually lead to techno and club-culture. At age 22 she approached the local scene as Djane with numerous performances in the club circuit of Bari. Through the years she has developed a continued and careful respect of the musical experience. She moved to Berlin and started DJing with only vinyl records. This helped build her strong reputation as an underground techno DJ. This provided opportunity for her to play in clubs such as Tresor, About Blank, SK Robinson, Mikz and Tacheles in Berlin where she lives today.

In September 2011, she moved to Detroit where she rocked some of the scene’s most well known clubs like as The Works, Exodus and several others across the state in collaboration with DJ Seoul and Tom Linder of Detroit Techno Militia. This travel has definitely and radically changed her approach to the techno concept, which she considers more a social phenomenon and a lifestyle rather than just a musical genre.

In December 2011 she collaborated with the female crew Femme Fraktale. Since January 2012 she is resident of the party Homopatik in About Blank, Berlin. In May 2013 she joined the roster of Bang Tech 12 and was soon asked to join Detroit Techno Militia in April of 2014.

Her first release will be available on vinyl, as of September 2014, on Arkita Rec (Berlin), the label that spawned in collaboration with Synkopheit.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Yaroslav Lenzyak – Time To Get Up [Archipel]
02. Nocow – Round Dax [Roots United]
03. Nitam – Exiam [Unterton]
04. HD Substance – Spangler’s Spring [Fanzine]
05. The Welderz – Acid & Chord (Alex Bau Remix) [Flash]
06. Mike Dehnert – LAX [Fachwerk]
07. Opencloud – Lines of Weakness [Emote]
08. Roberto & Jamie Anderson – Billingsella [Fossil Archive]
09. Pierre Deutschmann – Mod2 [Skeleton]
10. Cleric – Plexus [Figure]
11. DJ Hyperactive – Venus (Truncate Remix) [CLR]
12. Johannes Heil & Markus Suckut – Exile 001 B1 [Exile]
13. Developer – Volume 1.3 [Olympian]
14. DJ Deep & Roman Poncet – Data Retrieval [Tresor]
15. +Plattform – Kiruna [Gynoid]

Second Hour: Mad Alba