#126 08.23.15 Guest: Jamaica Suk [Face II Face – Berlin, DE]

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Jamaica Suk [Face II Face – Berlin, DE]

Originally from Northern California, Jamaica’s electronic experience became her identity while exploring the sounds of San Francisco. It was during this time that she began to organize underground music events, landed DJ residencies, and enrolled in audio engineering school. Shortly after her degree, she offed to Europe; hungry for musical inspiration. A haphazard trip to Berlin changed everything for the young artist. She fell in love with the energy of the city & its seasoned club culture.

After setting up home base in Berlin, Jamaica worked intently on building an audio production suite with proper acoustics and production tools. This would become the laboratory where her production work would blossom. Fusing her musical roots in jazz and rock, she synthesizes these elements effortlessly. The end result is an impressionistic sound scape and sonic experience for the body and soul, also sharing the ideals of techno pioneers and purists who came before her.

Already respected among her peers in the industry as a talented solo producer, Jamaica has successful releases including the debut Spektrum EP, and a compilation on Face to Face Recordings featuring a remix of her track Qurated, by Echoplex. Paying homage to her Bay Area roots, she is also featured on the 12” compilation Feral Cuts on Bad Animal.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Joe Sousa – Porphyria [Blank Code LTD]
02. Fisssh – Zebra Pleco [Float]
03. Clement Landrau – Railway [Flash]
04. Deep’a & Biri – Parallel [Black Crow]
05. Adrian Adonis – Freak Flag [Invert]
06. Tim Xavier – Phantom Steps [Face II Face]
07. Thope – 142 [Credo]
08. Bleak – Night Serpent (Stefan Vincent Remix) [Technorama]
09. Cleric – Plexus [Figure]
10. The Machinists – The Beast [Different Is Different]
11. Shawn O’ Sullivan – Security [The Corner]
12. Gary Martin – Well (Robert Hood Remix) [Motech]
13. Jeff Mills – Reverting [Purpose Maker]
14. Phase – Obscura Mix 1 [Token]
15. Detroit Dwindle – He’s Just This Guy, You Know? (MRSK Remix) [Dirt Crew]

Second Hour: Jamaica Suk

01. Apogee – Kangding Ray [Raster Norton]
02. Kristal Large – Antonio De Angelis (Luigi Tozzi Vinyl Only Remix) [Children of Tomorrow]
03. Us – A Made Up Sound [A Made Up Sound]
04. Blue Dust – Schmutz [Omnidisc]
05. Emergency Bell – Leandro Gaméz [Sub TL]
06. Lingering Resentment – SP-X [Time To Express]
07. The Naked Truth – Cari Lekebusch [H-Productions]
08. Pantropy – Ness [Rising Label]
09. C-B1 – Tensal [Tensal]
10. MSK – Gareth Wild [EartoGround Records]
11. Never Mind – Joachim Spieth (The Plant Worker Remix) [Affin]
12. Zilla – Surgeon [SRX]
13. Early Life – Exium [Polegroup]
14. M19 – Mark Broom [Beard Man]
15. Appease – Clement Landrau [Children of Tomorrow]
16. Window-092 – Sleeparchive [Warm Up]
17. Human Timescales – Post Scriptum [Osgut Ton]