#128 09.20.15 Guest: Adam Jay Adam Jay (Live PA) [Chroma – Indianapolis, US]


Info & tracklist 

Adam Jay Live PA [Chroma – Indianapolis, US]

Dave Clarke dubbed him as “an undisputed hero in techno” (Whitenoise Radio July 31, 2010), while Claude Young has pinned him “a master of his craft,” and heralded his records as “the secret weapon of many a DJ”. Best known for his releases on renowned labels such as Primate, Primevil, Kombination Research, Zync, as well as Ben Sims’ own Theory Recordings, Adam’s sound can be best defined as soul infused techno with constant motion. He has toured the world as a DJ and live performer on 5 continents and 20 countries.

With more than 50 twelve-inch vinyl releases and over 100 digital releases to his name, Adam’s musical palette as a producer extends well into his selections as a DJ, earning him a bimonthly residency in 2008 at the renowned Tokyo club Studio Cube 326.

Constantly pushing to refine his sound, Adam’s own Chroma label was founded in 2010. It represents a modern take on up-front techno with purpose.

Since 2015, Adam has been preparing a 100% hardware live performance, with a new approach to composition, and a further refined sound.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Jamaica Suk – Velvet Morning [Bad Animal]
02. Roberto Clementi – The War Inside Me [Hypercolour LTD]
03. Roman Lindau – King Disco [Matter]
04. Johannes Heil – Scene Seven [Exile]
05. Nick Höppner – Relate (The Black Madonna Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
06. Fjaak – Rush [50 Weapons]
07. Komprezzor – Tropopause Later – Modulazion Part 2 [Grid Based Beats]
08. Juan Sanchez – Enslaved (Doka Remix) [Quant]
09. Damien Schneider – Seti (Ansome Remix) [Onnset]
10. J. Tijn – Mr Mime [47]
11. Jonas Kopp – Khaa [Tresor]
12. Adriana Lopez – Contradictions [Grey Report]
13. Oliver Dodd – Iktomi One [Konstructure]
14. Sosak – Sketch [Overlee Assembly]
15. Gary Martin – This is It (Mark Broom Remix) [Motech]

Second Hour: Adam Jay