#129 10.04.15 Guest: Dubiosity [Lateral Fragments/Gynoid Audio – NL]


Info & tracklist 

Dubiosity [Lateral Fragments/Gynoid Audio – NL]

Growing up in the same neighbourhood, Dubiosity (Rick Janssen) Pjotr G (Peter Gommers) hung out as friends, when they discovered a shared interest in electronic music. They then started to get together to combine their ideas about creating music, resulting in their first joint vinyl release in 2006 on Media records Germany.

Maintaining a steady pace of releasing tracks (both as a duo as individually) by labels such as Hypnotic Room, Translucent and Gynoid Audio, Limited and Cromosom, Dubiosity is now at the helm of his own label with Pjotr G, called Lateral Fragments, while also taking their place as residents at Holland’s Claydrum.

If you’re looking for deep, dark, dubby, moody beats, Pjotr G & Dubiosity deliver.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Clark Davis – Vino De Mesa [Analogue Audio]
02. Mike Gervais – Relax [System]
03. Johannes Heil – Scene Five [Figure]
04. Adriana Lopez – Return To Purity [Grey Report]
05. Zach Lubin – Transport Modulus [Obvio]
06. One Track Brain – Kitten Play [OTB]
07. Arctor – Stomping Ground [Floor Ready]
08. Voidloss – Empty Wordless Mind Waste [Integrated]
09. Phase – Binary Opposition (Process 2) [Token]
10. Revelation of Noise – Exolon [Press To Unlock]
11. Jonas Kopp – Nekh [Tresor]
12. Space DJz – Ground Hog (Mark Broom Edit) [BeardMan]
13. Brett Relish – Jefe [Chicago Jaxxx]
14. Makaton – Six Feet Under In Love [Blueprint]
15. Komprezzor – Mesosphere Annihilation – Dagger [Grid Based Beats]

Second Hour: Dubiosity

1. Mattias Fridell – Their Infrangible Ideals [Lateral Fragments]
2. Ad.lib – Nostalgia (Pjotr G & Dubiosity Remix) [Lateral Fragments]
3. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Nachtblende [From Another Mind]
4. Developer – Olympian 1.2 [Olympian]
5. Remy Kruyer – Ho Chi Minh (Pjotr G & Dubiosity Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
6. Tim Xavier – No Edges [Face to Face Recordings]
7. Delusive Manoeuvres – DM2.1 [Delusive Manoeuvres]
8. Dubiosity – Fourth Isolation [Gynoid Audio]
9. Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Closure [Translucent]
10. Jake Conlon – Cry of the Necromancer [Dubtek]
11. Regal – Repeat [Involve]
12. Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Stasis [Lateral Fragments]
13. Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Do You Even Lift Bro? [Lateral Fragments]
14. Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Anxiety [Translucent]