#121 06.14.15 Guest: Paula Temple [R&S/Noise Manifesto – Berlin, DE]


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Help us help cats!

To my wonderful listeners: if you have noticed the cat logo, or follow me on Facebook, you’re probably aware that I am a huge fan of cats. 🙂 I wanted to use the platform of the radio show to give something to my community, and specifically, to the cats of my community.

So this year, if you are a listener of the show, please consider a donation to my favorite Indianapolis-based organization, FACE low cost spay/neuter clinic. They do great work to help keep animals from being euthanized, provide life-saving surgeries, and help find homes for kitties (and pups too!). You can donate here:

Or if you prefer, please give to an organization in your own community that takes care of animals in need. 🙂

Thanks again for listening and thanks for helping me take care of the cats! ❤