#119 05.17.15 Guest: Monya [Corresponding Positions – Berlin, DE]


Info & tracklist 

Monya [Corresponding Positions – Berlin]

Monya is originally from Poland and has been signed to respected techno labels with her production. She has seen a quick rise through the techno scene in such a short time and this has seen her play beside many respected techno artists. Through hard work and determination this has earned her bookings at the Internationally renowned Tresor and many other clubs. She just released her first album for BCR and is busy doing remixes and EPs for other labels like ,Illegal Alien Records,IF ?, and work with many well known artists like Steve Stoll, Bas Mooy,Perc, Mike Parker. Monya’s sound is industrial, bass-heavy, hypnotic techno. She is Owner of Corresponding Positions Label.

First Hour: DJ Shiva

01. Kyle Geiger – Take Me Back [Cubera]
02. Sev Dah – Snaga [Random Island]
03. Marnyc – Transgene [Emote]
04. Exium – Mass Control [DetroitUnderground]
05. Oswld – Krukem [Fanzine]
06. Mono.xID – MEC Etch [RAWfavor.]
07. Unbalance – Affective State [ON]
08. Brian Sanhaji – Pending Errors [Blank Code]
09. Moteka – Xysilyl [Children of Tomorrow]
10. Avgusto – 0009 [Flash]
11. Ritzi Lee – DiHydro-Oxide [Tortured]
12. Callum Plant – Synonym [Ill Bomb]
13. Monad – Tilt Shift [Anode]
14. Zach Lubin – Edit D (Revisions of You) [Ante]
15. Reese & Santonio – How To Play Our Music (Ben Sims Remix) [KMS]

Second Hour: Monya (Live at Aphotic – NYC 04.18.15 Pt 1)